Festive Bottles to Pop Open This Holiday Season

"Whether you're hosting an at-home holiday soirée or simply topping off a chilly night with a glass of vino, swap your boring bubbly for Franciacorta, the award-winning Italian sparkling wines that are gaining major traction in the US with celebs, foodies, sommeliers, and tastemakers alike. Produced in a breathtaking wine region just one hour from Milan, Franciacorta is made in the classic double-fermentation method, and the resulting wines are complex yet refreshing and crisp, available in several styles from sparkling rosé and vintage brut to the unique Satèn and they were all made for celebrating. Franciacorta is home to over 100 wineries so the sparkling choices are almost endless, but we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites here; raise a glass to 2017 with any of these spectacular bottles of bubbly."

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